Karmaloog adds a new dimension to luxury fashion wear, allowing a new generation of men and women to enjoy a service that explores the tradition of classic tailoring ‘a tradition which is deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship and the creativity of couture houses, focussing on a world of exclusive and unique garments, realised by couturiers with merely one client in mind. This is what Karmaloog defines as Tradition in Evolution.

Fashionhouse Karmaloog breaks the boundaries of both men- and womenswear, each garment being an exclusive collector piece that will live long beyond seasons. Every one of us is different and today, even more than ever before; each man and woman desires to express his or her individuality in a new and unusual way.

Uniqueness through craftsmanship and design is the ethos of each luxury item designed by Karmaloog; maintaining Italian manufacturing by keeping alive skills that otherwise would have gone extinct. So far Karmaloog has crossed the border by creating a pioneering service that was not available to men and women before.