Luxury with a passion

Everything at Karmaloog is made regarding highest quality and great attention to detail. The process of production is a process of true craftsmanship. It all starts with a design by creative director Racho Bajadjan: original and unique and every single detail carefully thought out. The next step is creating: the design is handed over to a group of artisans. From tailor to the goldsmith, every area of expertise is covered. Every piece of exotic leather aligns in perfect symmetry and every golden detail is polished to perfection. The end result is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece you can own with pride.


We are using a wide range of materials in our collections: from all sorts of textiles to different types of leather. None of our products contain any type of real fur. Our specialty is exclusive leather goods. Only very special, limited edition items are made from crocodile leather. Our products are always made of high-quality leather from certified farms. None of our leather is being wasted, we use every piece in our designs. We put great consideration and care in choosing our suppliers. We can say with confidence that our products comply with governmental and environmental rules..


As an original, creative and innovative brand, we strive to exceed the fashion standards by delivering great designs with high quality materials. Our customers are the center of our attention and the motto we live by:

“Cultivating quality, exceeding limitations and making our customers’ dreams a reality.
In our world everything is possible.”