Karmaloog supports Prince Albert and sponsors Monaco Disease Power

Karmaloog is so much more than just a fashion label. Besides being a pioneer in the high end luxury fashion industry, Karmaloog also supports and sponsors many charities. As one of the big sponsors of the Monaco Disease Power charity, founded by Prince Albert II of Monaco, Karmaloog designed a unique and custom-made shoe for the Prince.

Every year Prince Albert II of Monaco organises a charity event for Monaco Disease Power to raise money for mentally disabled children. The charity funds mentally disabled children and their families to provide them with the right education and support they need. Karmaloog highly supports Monaco Disease Power and has a great interest in the wellbeing of the children. To thank Prince Albert II of Monaco for his participation and effort to fund the Monaco Disease Power, Karmaloog has designed a custom-made and elegant shoe and granted the item as a present to the prince.
Yet Monaco Disease Power is not the only charity that Karmaloog supports. The fashionhouse is known for subsidizing and attending many charity events. Please contact us if you have an idea for our foundation or collaboration.