Karmaloog strengthens it's presence in the Middle East

When it comes to moving forward, the United Arab Emirates certainly has no shortage of ambition. Whether it’s a new building, shopping mall, or even a canal, the UAE, just like powerhouse Karmaloog, makes the impossible possible and does it quickly too. Only 40 years ago Dubai was a small city surrounded by desert, yet we can all see the immense metropolis it has become today. Dubai’s tourism is thriving and the fashion industry is flourishing. Many fashion experts are convinced Dubai has what it takes to become the next fashion capital and take a stand next to London, Paris, New York and Milan.

As Karmaloog is renowned for innovation and moving forward, it recognises the great power and potential of Dubai as a luxury fashion capital.  A remarkable amount of Karmaloog’s current clientele is based in Dubai, allowing the fashionhouse to grow and exceed beyond the borders of the Western world. Karmaloog is significantly growing in the Middle East and therefore has a pioneering role in deciding what contribution Dubai can make to the holy grail of fashion capitals. If Milan is sexy, London grunge, and Paris Edgy, we are excited to discover what character Dubai will take on.