Karmaloog announces collaboration with Megalodon Group for a custom line for bitcoin crypto millionaires

Since the creation of the Bitcoin in 2009, the world of cryptocurrency has seen plenty of drama: enormous price increases are followed by sharp declines, all while believers and cynics clash over whether cryptocurrency is the future. Yet nine years later some people have managed to create serious wealth by investing in cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Especially millennials love cryptocurrencies- for plenty of reasons. First there is the psychological aspect, referring to the technology behind cryptocurrency that promises to modernize capitalism, and free it from the tight control of powerful governments and big banks. The other obvious reason is the huge potential cryptocurrencies have to provide investors with an impressive amount of money.  Although critics might debate the sustainability of the cryptocurrency, the hard facts never lie: the bitcoins have made many young investors into multimillionaires, some even billionaires. The rise of the bitcoin has seen high school dropouts turn into young millionaires, living envious lifestyles.

Especially for the nouveau crypto riche, Karmaloog and Megalodon Group launches a new collection that radiates wealth and guarantees that desired jaw-dropping effect.  Targeting all the crypto millionaires- Karmaloog and Megalodon Group designed the “Karmaloog Nakamoto BTC Limited Shirt”. The cotton t-shirt features a crystal-embellished bitcoin logo, carefully crafted out of shiny black and gold crystals. The “Karmaloog Nakamoto BTC Limited Shirt” has a classic ribbed round neck as well as short sleeves, making the shirt practical yet striking at the same time.

Available at the Karmaloog online boutique and for all the cryptomillionairs, karmaloog added a new payment method ( payment by bitcoins ).

With this collaboration and launch of the new t-shirt Karmaloog proves to be the first fashion brand to design a collection especially for crypto millionaires, making powerhouse Karmaloog yet again a pioneer in the fashion industry.